Eniram aims to improve the world through optimisation

Eniram is a Helsinki-based subsidiary of the technology giant Wärtsilä that is helping shipping companies lower their fuel costs and emissions. The company’s competitive advantage is its deep expertise in analytics and modelling.

The optimal functioning of ships at sea depends on many factors. Variables such as the weather and currents, as well as the shape of the ship itself, determine how the ship should be operated.

“Eniram offers solutions that can optimise ship performance and minimise fuel consumption. We collect data about the ship’s systems, weather conditions and currents. These allow us to provide an overall picture of ship performance and energy efficiency. With these solutions, we are trying to do our part to improve the world and promote environmental values,” says Johan Backas, Managing Director of Eniram.

Eniram is based in Helsinki and currently has 130 employees. The company was acquired by Wärtsilä for 43 million euros in 2016.

“We now have better opportunities to grow our customer base. Wärtsilä offers the world’s largest selection of machinery and equipment for ships – not just engines, but everything from propellers to automation systems. Eniram is able to generate added value for Wärtsilä’s products,” says Backas.

Wärtsilä sees Eniram as a valuable partner. Eniram is a good example of how the maritime industry is increasingly seen as a broad ecosystem whose various components can be improved in terms of efficiency and environmental friendliness.

“Eniram is a forerunner in the utilisation of data and analytics. Wärtsilä wants to be at the forefront of the changes affecting the maritime industry, so it is vital for us to combine different elements, from navigation to engines. Fortunately, collaboration within the Finnish maritime cluster is very effective, as no one can manage this change alone,” says Roger Holm, President of Wärtsilä Marine Solutions.

Eniram’s Backas also appreciates the close collaboration within the Finnish maritime cluster. The strong network also helps build connections overseas: Eniram already has offices in Singapore, Dubai, London, Hamburg and Miami.

“Nevertheless, all our technological R&D work is done in Helsinki. There is a lot of IT expertise here, and the maritime industry is clearly attractive,” says Backas.