Bore orders three new LNG ro-lo ships

Bore has signed a new-building contract with Wuhu Shipyard Co.Ltd in China for three (3) new LNG-powered RoLo vessels to be built during 2020-2021. Thereby, Bore’s operated fleet will grow to 11 vessels. The new state-of-the-art RoLo vessels will serve under a long-term charter agreement with UPM. 

Together, showing the power of being Your Partner in Shipping, Bore and UPM have designed the concept for the RoLo vessels to be built by Bore for sustainable sea transportation of UPM’s paper products in Europe, combining best features from pure RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) with LoLo (Lift-on Lift-off) transportation concepts.

The new design of the RoLo vessels will meet the flexible cargo transportation requirements of forest products in different forms. Also, these vessels can take RoRo cargo, be suitable for container transport, be loaded with both high & heavy as well as project cargo thanks to excellent deck strength, but also bulk cargo can be transported using a hydraulic bulk head.

The vessel main particulars are; length 120 m, width 21m, DWT 7,000 and a speed of about 15 knots for suitable and economical transport solutions in the trade. They will have ice-class Swedish/Finnish 1A, and will meet the latest technological, operational and environmental standards.

As a next step in Bore’s environmental agenda, these vessels will represent further steps into cleaner emission with dual fuel engines installed, mainly to be operated on LNG fuel.  This means, that the vessels will be fueled by liquid natural gas (LNG) which results in a significant (approximately 25%) reduction of CO2 emissions compared with commonly used marine gas oil. In addition NOx and SOx emissions will decrease with over about 85 % and 99%, respectively. At the same time the emission of particulate matter (soot) will decrease with 99%. 

Håkan Modig, Bore CEO announces; ”We are pleased that Bore and UPM has agreed on designing and building three RoLo vessels for delivery in 2021 and 2022. For Bore this charter agreement is a major milestone. Together with our customer, the vessels are designed to take our environmental thinking one step further by introducing the LNG engines into our fleet. Also, the special requirements from our customer for their paper product trade have been a driver for the concept. This way of working represents our way of thinking as Your Partner in Shipping.”

Lauri Rikala, Director Break Bulk Shipping UPM Logistics, affirms; “UPM decided to enter into this partnership with Bore based on the good business and technical knowledge and approach towards innovative and sustainable shipping solutions that Bore has shown. This arrangement is a consistent step in UPM’s logistics strategy and will safeguard sustainable, reliable and tailor made shipping solution on long term.”