NAPA and Norsepower partnership in data verification and analysis of Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution awarded 2018 DIMECC Prize.


NAPA, the leading maritime data analysis, software and services provider, and Finnish engineering company Norsepower have won the DIMECC Prize 2018, for their partnership in data verification and analysis of Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution technology.

Norsepower’s Rotor Sail Solution is a modernised version of the Flettner rotor – a spinning cylinder which uses the Magnus effect to harness wind power to propel a ship forward, delivering fuel-savings and a reduction in all related emissions. Through DIMECC’s REBUS-programme, NAPA conducted a randomised trial of Norsepower’s first installation of the Rotor Sail technology onboard the M/S Estraden. NAPA concluded that through robust data collection and advanced analytics, the Rotor Sail offered clear and significant fuel savings of up to 10%.

Objective data and impartial verification of the fuel savings delivered by Norsepower’s technology has been absolutely critical to the company’s growth and position within the growing wind technology market. There has been significant interest and investment in the Rotor Sails. In April 2018, Norsepower’s technology was installed onboard the M/S Viking Grace, making her the first passenger ship in the world using auxiliary wind propulsion. Separately, in partnership with Maersk, Shell, and the UK’s Energy Technologies Institute (ETI), a Maersk P-class 109,647 deadweight tonne (DWT) oil product tanker, was retrofitted with two 30m tall by 5m diameter Norsepower Rotor Sails at the end of August 2018. The project is the first installation of wind-assisted technology on a product tanker vessel. Data analysis and verification by NAPA, has been fundamental to these developments by proving the effectiveness of Norsepower’s technology.

Tuomas Riski, the CEO of Norsepower, and the Director, Services, Shipping Solutions at NAPA, Risto-Juhani Kariranta, accepted the DIMECC Prize 2018 handed by the CEO of DIMECC, Harri Kulmala. Photo: Ingmar Baarman, DIMECC


Commenting on the partnership, Tuomas Riski, CEO, Norsepower, said: “Following the first test installation of our Rotor Sail solution onboard the M/S Estraden, NAPA recorded a 6.1% reduction in fuel consumption. Based on the test results, our technology enables average fuel savings of up to 20% for vessels with multiple, large rotors travelling in favourable wind routes – making it a commercially-viable solution that can reduce fuel and emissions in the industry. Since delivering our first proven application with Estraden, our business has grown from strength to strength. Measurement, analytics and verifications has helped Norsepower evolve its Rotor Sail from an innovative concept, to a proven and marketable fuel efficiency technology.”

Riski accepted the DIMECC Prize together with Risto-Juhani Kariranta, Director, Services, Shipping Solutions at NAPA.

Kariranta discusses that the benefits of Norsepower’s Rotor Sails are two-fold: “The shipping industry is a significant producer of greenhouse gas and other harmful emissions. Innovative fuel-saving technologies are simultaneously eco-innovations which additionally help to increase the competitiveness of the users of the innovations. NAPA has a long history improving the fuel economy of ships and delivering better weather-based route optimizations. It’s great that we have also been able to verify the effectiveness of Norsepower’s Rotor Sails and created cleaner and more efficient shipping. Verification is guaranteed success.”

Harri Kulmala, CEO of DIMECC, added: “We are very pleased with the results of the collaboration between Norsepower and NAPA. Through our REBUS-programme, it is great to see how this partnerships has driven the commercialisation of a new innovation in the market. An extremely great result for the maritime industry as the sector reaps the rewards of greater fuel efficiency and sustainable shipping.”

The award was handed out at DIMECC’s 10th anniversary seminar, highlighting the significance of Finnish innovation and technology. “Norsepower’s Rotor Sail has also received various other well-earned awards. This award was granted specifically to the cooperation which opened new growth paths and global value chains for a startup. This is also important with regard to the general discussion around how to finance the RDI activities of large companies”, reflects Kulmala on the far-reaching national significance of the Prize.

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NAPA’s verification method has been perfected in the REBUS Program by DIMECC with NAPA, Åbo Akademi, Bore, Transfennica, Norsepower and NANOL Technologies contributing.

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